The Bleu Beings Observation

This group consists of a number of beings from different star races who have come together as ontoenergetics to spread their message in an effort to help themselves and mankind. One of these Pleiadian groups is the ‘Blue Beings’. They came here as non-physicals and let their avatars manifest themselves to Barbara as the Blue Beings they apparently are on their home planet in the Pleiades.
I consider the Pleiadians whom Marciniak is channeling being ‘good ETs’, although I know they wouldn’t even be here, or bother with us, if it wasn’t because they first of all are attempting to help themselves, and us second. However, it has shown that their mission (agenda) has been quite beneficial for us too, and over time I notice that they have really come to like us humans. Yes, I can tell from have listened to them quite a lot, and some of my own material is inspired from what they have taught me. So, in spite of that they have their own motives, I consider them being allies of mankind. They are the descendants of the Fallen Angels in the Bible, and the Pleiades today and in the future (where they come from) are quite tumultuous places, with civil wars and inner conflicts. The Marciniak group, however, is a rebel group who meet somewhere in secret and in the non-physical to do this specific and unique channeling. They want an end to the tyranny that runs the Pleiades in the future.
They are the descendants of the Fallen Angels in the Bible


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